Saja Al-Madinah Hotel marks first anniversary

by Canada Travel & Tours -posted on Jul 13, 2019

Saja Al-Madinah Hotel marks first anniversary

SAJA Hotels & Resorts, the leading Saudi hotel and condominium management and operation company, has recently celebrated the first anniversary of its Saja AlMadinah Hotel in Madinah, Saudi Arabia, marking a successful year of astounding services provided to visitors to the holy city of Madinah.Strategically located in the Northern side of the central area of Madinah, the four-star hotel is just steps away from the Prophet’s (PBUH) Mosque in the city. Mohannad Bin Nabeel Khogeer, Chief Executive Officer of Saja Company, said “we are extremely proud to celebrate the first anniversary of Saja AlMadinah Hotel, the renowned national brand in Saudi Arabia. The past year demonstrated our success in providing visitors to Madinah with the best convenient accommodation in the city, making their Haj and Umrah trips an unforgettable experience.”

“Our long standing experience in hospitality that exceeds 40 years was a game changer in creating our success during the first year of operations. We have set future expansion plans that include managing and operating other hotels in different cities, and utilize our expertise in providing management services for hotels for further plans. Our efforts in this regard are in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 that aims to increase the number of pilgrims and Umrah visitors,” he added. With its 544 rooms, an executive floor, relaxing lounge, gym and a dedicated restaurant serving delicious international cuisine options; Saja AlMadinah Hotel was able during the past year to welcome more than 350,000 Guests, achieve a record number of more than 110,000 room bookings, serve around 120,000 meals, receive guests from over 80 nationalities and obtain the Hazard Analysis & Critical Control

Points (HACCP) certification.

Notably, Saja AlMadinah Hotel boasts high-quality integrated hospitality services to assist visitors perform their religious rituals in the holy city with ease and comfort. It also provides them with the convenience of being close to the Prophet’s (PBUH) Mosque in Madinah, in a hotel that enjoys a unique blend of luxurious economy and authenticity, which stands out among other four-star hotels. Saja AlMadinah’s professional multi-lingual and highly trained team helps break down the language barrier and meet the needs of visitors from around the world with high quality services.