Argentine Visa

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Visa application process

 The Embassy of the Argentine Republic warns all visa applicants that it is illegal to stay in Argentina beyond the validity of their visas and beyond the originally declared purpose of the trip. The Argentine Government reserves the right to act sternly if any applicant decides to overstay or present fraudulent/illegal documentation. The offenders will be then placed in the custody of immigration authorities and made to leave the country.

 Step 1

Please read through the document requirements carefully.

 Select the visa type, corresponding with your plans the purpose of your travel.

 Gather and organize the required supporting documents according to the visa type.

 Step 2

Download and fill the visa application and Legal Statement form below.

 The visa application form (editable) can be filled by computer or by hand. Hotel/accommodation and flight bookings must be corresponding with travel dates mentioned on the application form.

Step 3

Submit your documents at Canadas Travel.

 Step 4

Applicants will only be interviewed if all required documents are attached. You will be contacted directly by a Consular Officer through e-mail or telephone within 7 days after submission of complete documents for a personal interview.

 When informed about the acceptance, the applicants must deposit the visa processing fee in the Embassy Account and bring the original deposit slip for interview. Please note that the Embassy does not accept cash.

 Step 5

Appear at the Embassy for a personal interview at your scheduled time.

 Please bring any original documents with you, which you have not submitted to any Authorities.

 Step 6

If your visa application has been approved, you may bring or send your passport for the issuance of your visa and it will be returned to you on the same day.

The Embassy does not keep original passports or any other original personal documents.

 Visa Application Fees

Visa type



USD 150


USD 200

Events & Exhibitons

USD 200


USD 40

Professional & Sports

USD 200


USD 150

Temporary & Permanent

USD 150 + USD 100 (Cartera Migratoria)



The Visa processing fee is non-refundable, it is only for initiating the visa process. The submission of complete documentation, interview or invitation letter, does not guarantee visa issuance.


Please read the requirements so as to make sure you have everything you may need to apply for the visa type which is suitable for your travel purpose.

 Visa applications (editable) can be filled by computer or by hand. Hotel/Accommodation and Flight bookings must be corresponding with the form.

 If applicable, please do not forget to specify name, address, email, telephone of the Argentine Citizen or company that you wish to visit (Point Number 26: "REFERENCES IN ARGENTINA" in the Application Form)



 Applicants must submit a Visa Request Letter containing the applicant’s detailed personal information, passport details and travel plans duly signed by the applicant.  In case you are visiting family members or friends in Argentina, you need to present an ORIGINAL TOURIST INVITATION LETTER from them and a copy of their Argentine ID (DNI).

 Instructions for the invitation letter can be downloaded here in Spanish.



 An ORIGINAL BUSINESS INVITATION LETTER must be submitted by the company in original to the Embassy or the applicant 45 days before the trip. The signature of the signing personal must be certified by an Argentine notary public and subsequently by Colegio de Escribanos. The Company or Organization must be registered at Registro Nacional Unico de Requirentes (RENURE).  The business must provide their valid registration number in the invitation letter.

A scanned copy of the invitation letter is acceptable just to start process but Visa will not be issued without original letter.

 Instructions for the invitation letter are available here in Spanish.



 In case you wish to apply for a Temporary or Permanent Residence Visa please contact the Consular Section in order to schedule an interview before submission of complete documentation.

Proceedings to apply for a TEMPORARY OR PERMANENT are initiated before the Argentine Immigration Authority, the Dirección Nacional de Migraciones (DNM).

 Address: Dirección de Admisión de Extranjeros, Av. Antártida Argentina 1355, Edificio 4, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires 1104, Argentina

Tel.: (54-11) 4317-0234 / Website:



Anyone who promotes or facilitates the illegal permanence of foreigners in the Argentine territory is able to be convicted for 1 (one) to 6 (six) years of prison. All of the invitees are recommended to read Chapter VI of Migration Law No. 25,871.