United Kingdom Visa

With Canada Travel & Tours, processing your UK Visa is very smooth and affordable. We process UK Visa for many nationalities.

We have 2 Associate Offices located in UK, Canada and Dubai with our team having more than 10 years of travel industry experience. We ensure that your UK Visa Application will be processed as early as possible.

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United Kingdom Visa Process

1. Research your visa type

Determine the correct visa for your visit

Use the UK Visas and Immigration website to check what type of visa you should apply for, and the documents that you will need in order to complete this.

Each visa type requires different documentation, so check your visa type carefully. If your documents are not in English, you may need to get translations prepared before applying.

2. Apply for your visa through Gov.uk

Apply online

Once you are ready to apply, go to the UK Visas and Immigration website to apply for your visa. You will need to ensure you have a good record of your travel history, with documents to support each trip you have taken. If you are applying for visas on behalf of your family or other relatives, you will also need all their details and travel history available before you start.

3. Pay your visa fees

Once you have made your application you need to pay for your visa application. This should be done online within your Gov.uk application.

If you don’t have a credit or debit card, you can arrange for someone to pay this for you on your behalf. Alternatively, some visa application centres can also do this for you for a small fee. See if your chosen visa application centre offers this service.

4. Choose your services

Make your application easier

Once you have paid your visa fees, you will be given a reference number. This starts with GWF. Now you will have a number.

Whether you would like the process to be faster and easier, or just sit in peace and comfort when you visit the visa application centre, Canada Travel & Tours has optional services to help you.

Not sure what to choose? Save money with a discounted, all-in-one Silver Premium Services package to speed up your visa application.

5. Upload your supporting documents

Upload your supporting documents for free

Our service allows you to digitally submit all the necessary documents and personal information, from the comfort of your home, school or office, allowing you keep valuable documents instead of sending them to UK Visas and Immigration.

Want a hand? We can scan your documents at the Visa Application Centre with our Document Scanning Assistance service.

6. Visit the visa application center

Attend your appointment

You must attend the appointment for your visa application. You cannot send someone in your place.

Arrive 15 minutes early

If you applied through Access UK bring your document check list. If you applied through visa4uk bring the first page of your visa application form.

Bring a valid passport or travel document with at least 1 page that is blank on both sides.

Upload your documents yourself, or if you have purchased our Document Scanning Assistance service bring originals or good quality copies of your supporting documents to the Visa Application Centre.

At the Visa Application Centre, you will also need to submit your fingerprints and photograph. This is known as biometric information collection.

A digital finger scanner collects images of all 10 digits, and you will have a digital photo taken. The digital finger print scanner uses no inks, liquids or chemicals and will not mark your skin.

Your digital photograph must be taken with full face and without sunglasses or tinted spectacles, or head covering unless it is worn for religious or medical reasons. Your face should be clearly visible with no hair across the eyes.

Ensure your fingertips are free from any forms of decoration, cuts, abrasions or other markings as these may affect your ability to provide acceptable finger scans.

If you are applying for a visa on behalf of a child under 5 years old, they must also attend an appointment, but don't have to provide their biometric data.

Children under 18 years old need to be accompanied by an adult and this cannot be a member of Canada Travel & Tours staff.

Without biometrics information, your visa will not be processed.

7. Track your application

Stay informed about the progress of your application

You will receive an email update when your decision has been returned to the visa application centre. If you can’t access email easily, or would like more detailed tracking information, you can also choose an optional extra and get updates by SMS sent directly to your phone.

8. Pick up your documents

Return to the visa application centre to receive your documents